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Small Game Hunting Firearm Of Choice

Hunting has always been a sport that has the element of danger and the thrill of the chase. From an activity that has been vital to survival and self-preservation, hunting is now considered merely a sport to a majority of the world.

There are many different types of hunting ranging from big game hunting, varmint hunting to small game hunting. Big game hunting goes for animals such as big cats, bears, boars, elephants, etc. Varmint hunting involves getting rid of pests that damage agriculture or property. Small game hunting chases after small animals such as grouse, pheasant, squirrels, etc. Consequently, the tools and the methods for hunting vary between categories.

The strategies and tactics for hunting prey is an ever changing field, but it never hurts to learn the fundamentals. Fundamentals in all activities act as the foundation for all other things moving forward.

For small game hunting, the choice of firearm to use depends on, of course, the preference of the hunter, the nature and climate of the environment, and his ability to obtain the weapon.

The main tools of the trade in small game hunting falls in two categories: .22 caliber cartridge rifles and the venerable shotgun.

Characteristics of the .22 rifle feature high accuracy, low recoil, low noise, and longer ranges. The cost of the rounds is inexpensive, as low as 2 cents a round. Almost all gun manufacturers chamber the round in their gun models. The noise a .22 round makes usually will not surprise small game at long ranges.

Shotguns are what most consider serious


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