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Boating Lessons You Shouldnt Sail Without

Boating is a fun hobby to have but it's a hobby that requires practice and mastery. Besides which, you also have to learn a few etiquette tips and the usual do's and don'ts to ensure your survival at sea. Keep the following boating lessons in mind as they'll guarantee you'll have a pleasant and SAFE time while on board.

Overtaking on Open Water

A boat and his captain, just like a vehicle and its driver, are required to adhere to specific laws. One law that most novice boaters fail to give importance to is one that concerns overtaking. Yes, you can overtake a slower moving boat in open water as long as you can place as much space between your vessels as depth conditions permit. You must also decrease your speed while overtaking because this minimizes the chances of rocking the other boat.

What to Do and What Not to Do When Anchoring

Slow down upon entering an anchorage or mooring area. Think of this as entering possible enemy territory. Any sudden movements may cause chaos and negative consequences. If you have passengers who are intending to make merry, make sure that you stay at an appropriate distance from your fellow boaters.

Just Because It's Brand New Doesn't Mean It's Legal

That's correct. Not all brand new boats may meet the legal specifications of the area you're intending to sail to. Navigation lights, for instance, are an issue of concern for water motorists. You can consult with the nearest coast guard in your area to see whether or not your boat meets official standards.

Don't Drink While Sailing

As you can see, this is another similarity that boating shares with its land-based counterpart. This may seem like common sense to you but it's actually a rule that's often ignored by many boaters. There are many bad things that can happen once you get inebriated. You can lose your balance and fall overboard. Or, your vision may be impaired and you can't tell the difference between a red and green light.

Life Saving Tips for Crew Overboard

No matter how hard you try to prevent them, accidents can still happen and result in a passenger going overboard. You need to be the one in control of this situation because it's rare for other people to be able to think clearly when someone's drowning in their midst. And get a life sling. It will cost an extra penny


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