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Paper-cluttered? Here Are Some Tips.

Do you feel that everywhere in your office or home, you see nothing but paper? Here are some simple tips in helping keep the paper you have whether in your office or home organized.

1. Keep a trash can or pail right next to the mail box. Tear up or throw away mail that is not important, such as advertising that you did not ask for as well as other papers that you do not want or need. If it is a document that is not necessary and is not pressing, then it is a document that you should not keep. You don't want all that junk mail. Treat it like junk and throw it away.

2. Avoid piling up the papers. Give a time every day for going through all the documents you have and eliminate things that you do not need or that do not require your immediate attention. This may include newspapers and magazines which you can store for future reading and recycling. You should remember however to take them out from time to time and not stack them for too long of a time, like a month or even a year.

3. Select a day in your week for paying bills and answering letters. Instead of postponing replies, try answering them, send your thank you notes, and pay the necessary bills on a specific day. This way, you would not need to answer mail or pay bills every day. That way, you save more time for doing your daily tasks and you have no reason putting off one job from one day to the other because you are too busy answering your emails.

4. If you cannot cope with reading all of your newspapers and magazines, it might be better if you limit your subscriptions for newspapers and magazines to a smaller number. This is important, especially if you want to remove much of the clutter from your home or office. Ask yourself how much time do you really have for reading all of your subscriptions? Cutting down on subscriptions does not mean that you would never be able to read your newspaper or magazine of choice. If you are free at some point, you can pick a copy of your favorite magazine or publication from a newsstand or a bookstore.

5. Don't allow clutter to get you discouraged. Remember that you can't do everything in just one day. Start with something small and be happy about it.


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